July 29, 2021

Publicizing Events In a Post-Pandemic Era

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of hundreds of thousands of fans screaming before their favorite artist jumps on stage. Do you see that? It’s the sea of people enjoying their sips and bites and the next foodie festival. Can you feel that? It’s the warm embraces of your friends at the next music festival. It all doesn’t seem so much like a distant memory anymore.

It’s real and it’s here.

After what felt like an eternity, the world is opening back up again and everyone is more than ready to jump back in, but not without the reminder of what just was a couple of months ago. As we all turn a new leaf, we now have to consider certain things we would’ve never given a second thought to in the past.

Below are the top three considerations you need to take before you open up your email to start publicizing your next big event!

Messaging – always important, but now with a twist

All around tensions are high. Some people have been completely isolated for more than a year, we’ve gone through strong political division, a race revolution, loss, and a global pandemic. Not only do we have to be careful with our messaging, but we should also be leading with love, compassion and authenticity. Making sure your event is a safe space for everyone is crucial, and continuing to push that message through media and social media will ensure your attendees feel safe and welcome.

Sanitation Stations – the more, the merrier

If there isn’t a hand sanitizing station at the entrance, I don’t want it. Sure, it’s an added investment, but that’s what it takes now. We used to be fine with just a random hand washing station by the porta potties, but now we know better. Making sure your event is equipped with hand sanitizing stations throughout the event will add an extra layer of protection and comfort so you attendees can worry less about germs and focus more on enjoying the event.

Virtual Events – friend or foe?

After more than a year of virtual events, it feels like we’re all really ready to get back out there, but is everyone? Virtual events have given us an opportunity to be part of events all over the world we could previously only experience in person. Although nothing will ever feel as incredible as a live event, adding a virtual component will not only expand the audience for your event, but also add an additional revenue stream and give people the opportunity to enjoy events from the comfort of their home.

In addition to events having insta-worthy components, it’s topics like these that make certain events stand out from the crowd and keep a loyal following. With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to garnering great publicity for your next event!