September 17, 2021

Repotting to FOCUS

A note from Jennifer von Stauffenberg, founder of Olive:

This week I virtually attended the Traffic & Conversion conference and had a nostalgic moment with Martha Stewart during her talk. She and I have something in common. We believe in repotting. LOL! In fact, she said she thinks people should repot at least every 10 years. I’d say from my actions, I repot more frequently, but it’s such an amazing rule to live by.

When I started Olive that’s how I described what I was doing. I always said I could have stayed where I was, but I would never flower again if I stayed. The creation of Olive was me declaring I needed a bigger pot to grow. So that’s what I did. I repotted and launched what was Olive PR Solutions back in 2009.

As many people know, I made the big decision to repot last year and drop my new roots in the Pacific Northwest and it has been a spectacular decision for me and my family. However, something very peculiar has happened… I have changed. Who knew that the sound of orcas breathing would completely change my life? Or that the countless forest walks would slow me down to smell the fresh forest air or completely stop me in my tracks to witness the details of nature? Well, it did and this time I’m repotting in a different way. I’m getting focused.

What does it mean to FOCUS? 

For me, it means repotting in a smaller pot to commit our time and attention to our brilliance, our true gifts and talents.

In doing so, we will continue to focus on working with the most positively powerful brands and people to continue to illuminate their greatness.

The major distinction is that we will only be working with clients who are looking for a campaign rooted in media relations that also includes social media and community activations. As time evolved, we began to notice that so many of our clients (almost half) had evolved to social media and advertising campaigns.

As a company rooted in earned media and community activations, we wanted to come back to our brilliance and so we are working with our former Vice President Rachel Helmer to launch her own social media business and will support her in transitioning to her new adventure.

We are excited for this new chapter already unfolding. Join us in thanking Rachel for all her years of hard work and creativity. We wish you the best!


Photo by Andy von Stauffenberg