September 26, 2017

Result of the Result | Seeing Inspiration Happen

Hannah Rolak

One thing we talk about a lot at Olive is the result of the result. We’re experts in securing high-quality (think glossy magazine cover pages) and high-quantity (imagine 100+ article syndications) media coverage, but probably one of the most gratifying parts of our job is what comes after the media hit.

It’s seeing a client’s customer base and scope double after a feature on the front page of the business section. It’s watching website traffic and sales skyrocket during a Good Morning America segment. It’s when nonprofit clients receive generous unsolicited donations after someone happened upon an article about them. It’s sharing a sweet and solemn moment when an interview allows a client to reflect on a struggle they’ve been confronting for years, having the opportunity to share their powerful story with the world for the very first time.

That’s the power of PR – we’re all about helping our clients experience those surreal moments and celebrating with them. We’d love to hear your vision and help you achieve your biggest dreams and goals. Contact us at