January 19, 2017

Reuniting with My Roots and it Feels So Good

By: Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

A few months ago, one of my former clients reached out to invite me for a cup of coffee. Upon accepting the invitation, I blocked off an hour, assuming we would spend about forty-five minutes together and I would continue my day. I had zero expectations. In fact, I really hadn’t thought much about it. When I arrived, I think we were both happy to see each other, but then we started talking and time flew by – five hours, to be exact – followed by a family dinner and another coffee meeting the next day.

Throughout our conversations, I had some seriously powerful reminders about the roots of Olive that I want to share with you.

  1. The real reason I launched Olive. I wanted to align with powerful brands who were on the forefront of a movement to transform the world and improve peoples’ lives. I believe in the power of public relations when it is done right and wanted to create a team, teach them my way of doing things, and make the biggest impact possible.
  2. It has never been about being the biggest. Rather, it’s always been about being the best, doing your best, and aligning with brands and people you really believe in. I’ve said it for years: An authentic respect or love for what your client is doing is the real difference between a news brief and a full-page story.
  3. Relationships are everything. First is the relationship you have with yourself. And after that, it’s the relationships you have with the people in your life. Many of us spend more time with our work family than with our real family. If that’s true, then we should focus on fostering positive relationships that fuel us daily. We should be ourselves 100% of the day and align with people who are up to things that move and inspire us. We should only be working with clients that fit that profile and celebrate our uniqueness. After all, they deserve that, too.
  4. We all have something powerful to say. Each and every one of us has something to share with the world. Our responsibility is to step into our discomfort and share it. This one is particularly challenging for me – so ironic, right? Someone will relate and you could be the difference or that tiny bit of inspiration they need.
  5. It’s about showing up for the one. When you show up for the one, you will undoubtedly impact many, but your focus will be more powerful, your intention pure, and your results off the charts.

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