April 5, 2017

Spring Clean Your Work Routine

By: Hannah Rolak

The sun’s shining brighter and the weather’s getting warmer…springtime is here! We dust out the corners of our closets at home and in our personal lives, but it’s also a great opportunity to analyze and revamp our office work routine in our professional lives.

At Olive we know what works – and we don’t shy away from shaking things up a bit to keep getting the best results. Here are a few things fellow PR pros can do to refresh their routine and take their time management to the next level:

Look at the bigger picture – In agency life we’re constantly balancing multiple clients, a skill we’ve got down pat. While it’s helpful and necessary to track our actual hours spent on each client, it’s not really this simple. Take a step back and think bigger picture – what are you accomplishing in that time? How can you be more efficient and achieve greater results, to go out on a limb here, in even less time? This is about achieving both quality and quantity for clients and ultimately churning out impactful results.

Shift your perspective – I organize my weekly tasks differently than I did a few months ago, and am always shifting my style to accommodate what works best in the moment. For example, sometimes organizing your time by client isn’t always the most effective, so instead divvy up by task types like media monitoring, list building, editorial calendars and so on. That way your brain can most efficiently work on one category at a time.

Step out for some fresh air – Cue Sia’s “Move Your Body” because, let’s be real, no one wants an office chair butt. Our office is located in impeccably weathered San Diego, so we literally have no excuse for locking ourselves indoors. A walk around the block or simply un-gluing your eyes from dual computer screens (which, yes, for us PR pros is harder than you might think) will work wonders to refresh your brain. We’ve all been there, writer’s block or a productivity slump, and rarely the solution is the staying stuck in your desk chair.

What tips and tricks have worked for you when switching up your routine? Tweet us at @OlivePRSolution!