June 28, 2019

The Essentials for a Successful Thought Leadership Campaign

By Jaclyn Walian

Have you ever thought to yourself “I have really good ideas, I think the general public and my target audiences could benefit from my ideas, but how do I share them?” This is where a thought leadership campaign comes in.

Here are a few essentials needed to kick-off a campaign where we position you as an expert and leader in your industry:

Unique and maybe controversial ideas:

When you are browsing news sites or social media, think about the articles or posts that catch your attention. Nine times out of ten you probably click on what makes you interested in wanting to learn more or maybe something you might not agree with. The tenth time is a cute puppy or funny meme – we can’t help it J. The media won’t want to interview you or use your tips if it is something everyone else has already talked about so when starting your campaign, think about the things you are truly passionate about and ask –what do you not agree with in your industry, what do you think people really need to know, what do I do differently from my competitors, what makes me unique? 

A great example of this is when we launched a thought leadership campaign for the president of a call center. I still remember my husband asking me “how are you going to do PR for a call center?” It was actually pretty easy because he had some very unique viewpoints on not only the call center industry, but also on business, HR and corporate giving. We were able to secure coverage for him in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and more!

Authenticity and courage:

This ties into the point above because you can’t fake your ideas. Everyone will see right through you if what you are talking about isn’t actually something you believe in. You have to be authentic and stay true to who you really are. You also have to have the courage to speak your mind and to stand out against the rest – this will get you noticed.

Social media presence and a website:

In today’s digital world, social media is incredibly important and should be a high priority for a thought leadership campaign. Social media is where your audience will go to seek validation that you know what you are talking about. So, whether it’s your personal or business page, there should be a strategy behind it to make sure it aligns with the campaign. A website or blog is also important to have because it is just another outlet where you can share your ideas and position yourself as a leader in your respective space.

An awesome PR agency:

A PR team can help you organize your thoughts, put them down in writing in a way that will grab the media’s attention and start pitching. We can secure interviews, position you as an expert and have your tips be used in articles. We can also make sure your social media and blog are in alignment with the media coverage so it is all one cohesive package. We can help shout your expertise from the rooftops!

Are you ready to let the world hear your authentic and courageous ideas? Get in touch with us to get your thought leadership campaign off the ground: info@olivecreativestrategies.com