September 13, 2022

The Illuminate Greatness Podcast is Back!

After a long rest, the Illuminate Greatness Podcast is back with Season 2.

Let’s be honest, the last couple of years were A LOT!

On top of the pandemic and every crisis in between and moving my family to Washington and running my business remotely while raising my beautiful boys and adjusting to a new state, I just didn’t have much else to give.

After this powerful and rejuvenating summer with lots of time in San Diego, I felt ready to share conversations again. I love love love to learn about people and hear their stories and perspectives, but I was thick in what we were all in.

I am so happy and excited to bring the podcast back with two of my favorite people, our very own Olives who both happen to be Senior Account Executives:  Larisa Medina and Matthew Van Court. In this episode we talk about what it was like to work in this business during it all and what has changed and what we hope for the future. We explore how the public relations industry was impacted and how it changed and affected us. We discuss pitching and securing media coverage and how we navigating not knowing what to do.

I even got a little choked up reflecting. It’s a lot to unpack realizing all that happened and how we were in deep.

What surprises me most on certain days is that more than two years have gone by. Thanks to apps like Google Photo and Facebook, these memories keep popping up making we aware that it has been a really long time since life felt normal.

Just recently, I decided to embrace the changes and begin to truly live fully again. I feel like I was already doing that professionally, but personally, I was really still playing it safe.

In doing so, we booked two trips to California and it was both a blast and very emotional. My San Diego loving heart was so happy to be back in the heart of what I consider my hometown. It felt so good to find friends at every corner. Feeling the California sand between my toes and watching my kids go wild in the waves felt more natural than anything I had felt in a very long time.

Reconnecting with clients face to face and meeting new ones for the first time in person was beyond. Here’s a crazy secret… I had been working with Matthew and Larisa for two years and it was the first time I was meeting them in person too!

So, all this to say… I’m back. I feel alive and ready to connect with friends, professional contacts, and beyond to hear their stories and illuminate greatness. I hope you enjoy the first podcast of season 2.