July 23, 2019

The Keys to Social Media Success for Real Estate

By: Rachel Helmer

As experts in the real estate marketing and public relations industry, we know the decision to start marketing on social media platforms may seem daunting. With so much change and evolution happening constantly, staying atop of the most impactful social trends can seem like biting off much more of the marketing game than you are comfortable chewing. While all these concerns are valid, with some strategic planning and help, social media can be a highly impactful tool for successfully marketing real estate properties. As with all social media marketing efforts, finding the right balance of posting about what you are selling and being conversational is key. You cannot expect to grow a following of engaged followers by simply posting images and copy that are categorically salesy. There is a time and a place, of course, for posts that highlight all the bells and whistles a property has to offer, but that alone cannot carry a successful campaign. At the heart of a stellar real estate social media marketing campaign is content that provides both value and community.


With real estate, specifically apartments and condominiums, the most key point of value is going to be community building. Even before a condo or apartment has been built out, social media community building is a key way to build an audience of engaged followers that in time have the potential to convert to future renters and owners. Photoshoots in the neighborhood where the building is being constructed paired with curated user-generated content (UGC) can showcase the lifestyle future residents will enjoy. By painting a picture of the life that someone who lives at the condominium or apartment will experience, your followers can take in a taste of being a part of the community you are selling, even before it physically exists.


The targeting belt has been tightened on social media advertising the past few years and real estate in particular has felt the cinch. Gone are the days of targeting “people likely to move” or many of the other demographics that were beneficial in reaching specific real estate hunting audiences. While many people have seen this change as a major setback, we at Olive saw it as an intriguing puzzle that our social team immediately set to cracking. We are happy to report that your specific audience is still very much reachable —whether targeting individuals interested in purchasing a million-dollar condo on the water or looking to rent a 1-bedroom condo in an inland community. It just takes a bit of creative targeting to find them. That combined with a team committed to building an authentic audience of engaged followers for your social platforms is a key part of the recipe for success when it comes to reaching your lease up and sales goals in the real estate industry.

Are you ready to begin building an authentic target audience of engaged potential future residents for your apartment or condominium community? Get in touch with us to get your real estate social media campaign off the ground: info@olivecreativestrategies.com