June 9, 2016

The O.L.I.V.E. Checklist on How to Know Your Company is Ready for PR

By: Courtney Rose

At Olive PR Solutions, we often have business owners asking us, “How am I supposed to know if my company is ready for PR?” It’s a hard question to answer for those that aren’t familiar with what a media relations and social media campaign can do for a business. So, we thought it would be best to answer this question—#TheOliveWay.

Here are our 5 telltale signs that show us a company is ready for PR:

O. Open Up. You are ready to share your story. Every successful PR campaign has a story behind it and you have to be ready to share it with us, so we can help you extract the most powerful way to highlight it. In return, you’ll get amazing media coverage and social media engagement because everyone loves to read, or hear, about a great story.

L. Locked In. You are committed and have operations locked in. It’s important to make sure that internally all your T’s are crossed and your I’s are dotted. You are following your business plan and reaching your goals. If everything on the inside is running smoothly, then there won’t be any hiccups for the public or media to catch.

I. Illuminate Your Work. Your business is already doing great things, you just need to illuminate it. Often times many of the corporate social responsibility campaigns we start working on are already executing give-back community events, but they are missing the PR and social impact from their events. The businesses have been doing great things for years, but the public and media have no idea. If this is you, PR is a MUST. With a full educational PR campaign connected with your corporate social responsibility events, your company will be recognized for the work it’s doing.

V. Validate Your Business. You are ready for third-party validation. With media relations and social media campaigns in full effect, you’ll begin to receive accreditation by trusted media outlets and industry influencers. Your customers will start to hear about your product, story or service from a reliable source, rather than solely you—building a trusted brand.

E. Expand Your Reach. You’re ready to take it to the next level. Your business is ready to grow and you are prepared to increase your audience reach and brand exposure with successful media relations and social media campaigns.

If OLIVE our tips sound like you’re ready and you want to do PR #TheOliveWay, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us…we are happy to sit down and learn more about you and your company!