March 7, 2018

The Power of Loving What You Do

By Madeline Balicoco

What motivates you every day? Lately at Olive, we’ve been reflecting on what propels us forward. As our team discussed what we admire about our clients in one of our morning meetings, I realized why I enjoy stepping into our office — each of us genuinely loves what we do. Absolutely loving what you do is the key to excelling in any profession. However, when you’re also surrounded by an equally passionate team, that’s when the magic happens. So why do the Olives love what they do? Take a glimpse below to find out!

Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg, President:

I love what I do because I know it works. I’m so inspired to align with positively powerful people and brands to illuminate their greatness and amplify their stories to the world. There is nothing more exciting than witnessing an idea or a hope develop into a full-blown success story.


Ann Berchtold, Director of Marketing and Development:

I love working at the intersection of creativity and strategy. I have seen and worked with many creative people in my career – chefs, artists, performers, designers, architects and entrepreneurs. Every one of them have inspired me to be creative myself. Marketing strategy is a creative endeavor, in a sense, it is creating something from nothing. Creativity is communicated through visuals, content, collaborations and experiential activations. Marketing is also an innovative endeavor; it involves always looking for a better way to tell the story.


Emily Burkle, Account Lead:

I love what I do because it allows me to be a storyteller and to use that power to tell the stories of the people and brands I believe in — the ones that are making the world a better place. I feel like storytellers historically have been at the crux of culture, propelling it and documenting it, since the beginning of time and in so many iterations — from bards, to bookmakers, to news anchors, to Instagram. It’s humbling to participate in that in some small way and it’s invigorating to see that someone you believe in can achieve their dream because you helped tell their story.


Cassie Kawaaloa, Account Coordinator:

I love what I do because I love what it means to my clients. The most rewarding thing about telling the stories of powerful people doing impactful things for their communities is validating their purpose and empowering them. Beyond the concrete results of our work is the added drive and motivation our clients gain to keep doing great things knowing that what they do truly matters!


Lauren Spinelli, Junior Account Executive:

I love what I do because I get to tell the stories of people doing amazing things. They don’t have time to brag about themselves because they are busy planning incredible events, running charitable organizations or just bringing innovation to our daily lives. It makes me proud to be the voice for these people and share their unique stories with the rest of the world.


Kara Schniepp, Account Coordinator:

I love what I do because I never have the same day twice—our clients as well as the media are ever evolving. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity every day to highlight the wonderful accomplishments of the individuals, organizations and companies we represent.


Megan Hey, Account Lead:

In PR, your brain is always “on,” whether it’s when catching up on the news or while out having dinner with friends. My brain is always asking, “Why was a story told that way?” or “How does this piece relate to something I’m working on and how can I make that connection?” PR keeps my mind open all the time. It allows me to get creative, look for answers in unexpected places and gives me space for innovation. I love the combination of being creative and strategic and bringing that approach to all aspects of my work.


Lauren Rios, Account Executive:

The part of my job that I am most passionate about is that I am a storyteller. I love sharing my clients’ stories with the world and illuminating their greatness.


Courtney Rose, Account Supervisor:

I love being able to craft stories and share them with the world! I love everyone that I work with. It makes coming to work fun when you’re surrounded by an amazing group of talented women!


Jaclyn Walian, Account Supervisor:

I love what I do because of the inspiring stories we get to share on a daily basis. I especially love what we do at Olive because it’s not just about the next media hit, it’s about actually making a difference in someone’s life. I also love working with the badass ladies on our team – everyone is such a rockstar!


Rachel Marie Helmer, Social Media Account Supervisor:

I love helping brands and businesses take things to the next level. They come to us with either an idea that they are ready to launch into fruition or something existing that they have been passionately working on for years. We have the pleasure of sharing all the amazing things they are doing with their dream audience. Sharing in the joy a client experiences when that happens is our joy too.


Cree Jones, Senior Social Media Manager:

I love creating meaningful content that sparks conversations and makes an impact. It brings me joy to help spread the word about organizations and brands that I believe in.


Madeline Balicoco, Social Media Junior Account Coordinator:

I love cultivating our clients’ relationships with their online communities every day. It’s incredible to see how much our communities grow each month by engaging with people authentically. Whether it’s answering someone’s question or complimenting their post, these daily interactions help build and connect an entire audience. Words have power — so why not use them for something positive?


Franny Suarez, Office Assistant:

I love being a part of Olive because we are an organization dedicated to helping others and working with leading clients in each field. Everyone on the team is hardworking, dedicated, and grounded in the giving nature of their work. It’s a pleasure to come to the office every day!


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