November 9, 2018

The Big Ask Podcast with Jennifer Borba Von Stauffenberg

Click here to listen to the Big Ask Podcast featuring Olive president, Jennifer Borba Von Stauffenberg!

About the Big Ask Podcast & Host, Nicole Matthews:

The Big Ask Podcast invites entrepreneurs, community leaders, unsung heroes, and average Joes & Janes to sit at the table to share their brilliance. We have conversations that inspire, challenge and hopefully teach. The motto of The Big Ask Podcast is that “real is easier than perfect.” In this spirit, we invite guests whom are ready to be real instead of being committed to perfection. Everyone has a backstory that shaped them into their current version. We can all learn from these stories and the defining moments that propelled change.

Nicole Matthews is an accomplished speaker, author, entrepreneur and opportunity creator. She is the founder of The Henley Co., a global event, travel and lifestyle concierge firm. Her professional highlights include working onsite at 3 Olympic Games, multiple Super Bowls and FIFA events, and landing international consulting projects. She is a big believer that you have to make your “big ask” to create the opportunities you want to live, and the money you want to add to your bottom line! Her book, Permission: Stop Competing & Start Creating the Life You Want to Live is available on Amazon with rave reviews.