November 19, 2015

Thought Leading Thursdays: Where Does The Time Go?

Well, with daylight savings time officially done the evenings are getting darker and darker—and it happens fast! Most of us forgot the slow, cozy feeling that happens when the sun sets at 5 p.m. and you are still at your desk. Just today I was asking myself, “Did I get enough done? Where did those hours go?” On our busiest days, it feels like time is slipping through our fingers and on our slowest, they drag by at a glacial pace. Usually the culprit is a packed meeting schedule or unexpected tasks that pop up spur of the moment. If you really have assignments to tackle and don’t have time to run out of well, time, here are a few repeat offenders to watch out for:

  1. The manager of micros. Everyone has had a manager that likes to see each step of our process and double check on every little thing. The answer to getting a little breathing room is to be proactive so your micro-manager gains trust in your abilities and doesn’t have a chance to ask you where the task is – because you’ve already updated her on it! Start by sending over your to-do list in order of priority, schedule a weekly meeting on Mondays to go over the tasks for the next five days, and keep your manager in the loop by sending quick IMs, emails, or verbal “Hey this is done” or “I’m getting to that thing next after this meeting.” You will both feel at ease with the tasks at hand and have a better working relationship.
  2. Co-worker or client email bonanzas. We have all had those email chains that go on forever (and don’t even get me started on group texts). If an email chain is going into five plus replies with no end in sight, pick up the phone or schedule a quick chat. You will all save time and any confusion that is inevitable over email.
  3. Procrastination and planning. You assume a project will take you an hour, only to put it off for two hours and find you actually needed three. Start the task. It will be so great once it’s done and you get to strike three lines through it on your to-do list. I have come to realize that I’m much better at following up and pitching in the morning and by 2 p.m. my creative writing is at it’s best. Find out what time of day is your sweet spot for certain tasks and plan accordingly.

Hope you try out Olive these tips and start getting your time back. Life will be so much more fulfilling when you can spend your extra hours enjoying a nice meal or watching the new “Scandal” episode!