October 3, 2019

Three Reasons Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working

By Madeline Balicoco  

In the digital marketing world, we’ve all been watching the influencer progression. The early days of social media are behind us, and now we’re inundated with a variety of content creatorsIn a space where an account with 1,000 followers or 1 million followers can be labeled as an “influencer,” it begs the questiondoes influencer marketing still work? To answer that question, it really depends! 

If you’re not seeing the results you’d like, it’s time to take a deep dive into your program and check for some common problems: 

  1. You’re not defining your goals. This is a major problem we see, and it affects your entire program. Before we kick off an influencer program, the number one question we ask is: what results would you like to see from this program? In other words, what defines a “win” for your company? Whether it’s growing your online fan base, generating sales or increasing traffic to your site, pinpointing your “wins” is essential to building a successful program. We strive to create goals that translate into an offline impact – and that’s what we like to call the “result of the result.”   
  2. You’re focusing on quantity over quality. Would you rather partner with 100 influencers that don’t bring a return on investment or set up a core group of 10 influencers who build brand loyalty and generate sales? We definitely prefer the latter. Don’t get us wrong, partnering with new influencers that align with your brand is a great way to expose your message and product to a new audience. However, if you’re constantly sending out product and not seeing results, then there’s a problem. You should look for influencers who produce content that aligns with your content strategy and engage with an audience that falls into your target demographics. 
  3. You’re only setting up one-off projects. Statistically, it takes about seven times for people to be exposed to a message to take an action. So if you’re relying solely on one-off posts with multiple influencers, then you’re missing out on building awareness, brand loyalty and ultimately conversions. Activating an audience is a process, so that’s why it’s beneficial to collaborate with influencers with strong engagement multiple times to build a beneficial partnership. 

With any program, it’s important to consider whether it’s a fit to create impactful results. Are you ready to set up an influencer marketing strategy that works? Then email us at info@olivecreativestrategies.com!