February 6, 2020

Three Ways to Leverage Social Media With Public Relations

By Ashley Rose-Niemiec

Social media and public relations are closer than ever before.

With two-thirds of Americans getting their news from social media platforms, the line between “Insta news” and PR is becoming blurred. So, what can brands do to leverage this growing connection between marketing tactics that were once segmented?

Take a look at the top three tips we rounded up to discover how to leverage social media with public relations.

  1. Surprise… Editors are People Too!
    Often times, PR folks forget the most important rule to leveraging relationships in this industry—reporters, editors, producers, hosts—they are all people too. They have real lives, and authentic connections are important to developing real relationships with them. This means it is important to make sure you’re engaging in a professional, yet personal manner. Do this by searching their name on social media and if they are public, shoot them a follow. PR is all about relationships and in the digital age, social media is another avenue to achieve this.
  2. Land an Awesome Hit? Give the Reporter a Shout Out.
    Everyone loves some recognition. When you land that amazing media hit, share it on your social media. We suggest tagging the publication, mentioning the reporter and be sure to give them a shout out thanking them for the time and energy that went into creating an amazing article. This brings the article to the attention of more people (bonus for you and the publication).
    Bonus: Once the articles start rolling in, make a branded Instagram Highlight icon for press hits where you can save these Stories for people to see.
  3. Learn What the People Want.
    Through PR, you are able to learn what your brand and/or products audience best fits in to. If you got an amazing article in Refinery29, start targeting a similar audience in your social media marketing. If the publication thought it was a fit for that demographic, then it likely is one you should be keeping an eye on. These types of media hits are an important step in learning your audience and are great indicators of who to target in advertising!

While most people have difficulty seeing the intersection of social media and public relations and how they work hand- in-hand to amplify your story. It is important to understand how the two compliment each other to help your brand succeed.  As Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations,” and we couldn’t agree with him more.



If you’re ready to leverage your social media and PR, email info@olivecreativestrategies.com. Olive Creative Strategies is a public relations and marketing agency with locations in Seattle and San Diego.