March 28, 2018

Tuning In To Amplify | Listening the Olive Way

By Cassie Kaawaloa

At Olive when we say we’re great listeners, we mean it! As master communicators we have to be thoughtful listeners to both our clients’ needs and the culture of their organization, as well as the sea of opportunities awaiting them. It’s our job to listen to the media for the right people and the right opportunities to present themselves for exactly what our clients’ goals are. We listen to create, not just to hear.

Here’s how we tune in to amplify your story #TheOliveWay:


 Our campaign kickoff meetings allow us to learn everything we need to know about you so that we can enter a loving, successful and impactful relationship. In all relationships communication is key and business ventures are no different. We communicate with our clients weekly to update them on our progress, and to touch base with their organization to stay in the know. Our clients don’t always see the story in their own work, and it can be difficult to break through the noise and hear what really needs to be said to get that story told – enter Olive.

Timeliness & Details

Who doesn’t love when someone thoughtfully says, “Hey, this made me think of you!” Keeping our eyes and ears open for editorial opportunities, updates in the media, and even to the personal details is key to accessing the right opportunities. We do our research on our clients and our media so that we always foster great relationships and find the best fit for our clients’ goals. By paying attention to the details and following media trends and the key players in your industry, we listen for the right moment to connect our clients to the right people authentically, for an all-around win-win situation.


In the grand scheme of any campaign are the targeted audiences our clients want to both maintain relationships and spark new ones with. We do our research in both PR and social media campaigns to learn about our target audiences and what they’re looking for in our clients. As our company title implies, we create strategies unique to each of our clients’ industries and goals to reach, appease and please the audiences we’re targeting.

All of our clients have a story worth hearing and amplifying, and sometimes all it takes is for the right person to listen and get that opportunity rolling. We listen to create and connect – that’s the Olive way.

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