August 23, 2018

The Top 3 Reasons to Have a Visual Guide

By Madeline Balicoco

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? In a communication landscape that spans from traditional print to various digital platforms, you could easily argue that the power of visuals has exponentially increased. That’s why your brand or organization needs to add a visual guide to its tool belt and these are the top three reasons why:

  1. Show people who your brand is. What’s your organization’s purpose, mission and values? Is your core community loud, vibrant and playful or elegant, classic and inspired? These core aspects can all be declared through every photo or clip you publish. With a visual guide, you can clearly define and provide examples of which visuals align with who and what your brand is, so you can accurately show your audiences what you’re all about.
  2. Get your team on the same page. Your marketing, advertising, public relations and communication teams shouldn’t be the only ones who have a holistic understanding about what your brand is about. From operations to management, everyone in your organization should understand what your brand stands for and how it can be accurately represented visually. By setting clear standards and examples, everyone will know what fits and what doesn’t.
  3. Set a standard for consistency across all channels. With so many opportunities and outlets to get your message out there, consistency is key. Your organization should be showcasing the same values and beliefs across the board. If you take away cohesiveness, you risk losing credibility, authenticity and accuracy. This is where a visual guide comes into play. The clear guidelines that you set will keep your messages in agreement, so your audiences on every channel won’t get confused.

Whether you know it or not, the images, videos or GIFs you’re sending out are broadcasting thousands of implicit messages. So do you know what you want to get across? Then, email us at!