August 6, 2019

Welcome to the Olive family!

At Olive, our mission is to amplify the stories and illuminate the greatness of our clients—some of the most influential and positively powerful brands and individuals in different markets around the world. We couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing people we‘re already working with, but we’re also thrilled to welcome the following brands to the Olive family.

Axel + Ash A journal brand from Bondi Beach, Australia – launched by a wanderlusting design duo who create beautifully designed, chic journals to capture every adventure and travels all over the globe. Axel + Ash began in 2012 when two friends shared their bucket lists together and realized they both had the same dream of starting a business. Since they also shared a passion for journaling, they started designing these inspiring travel journals filled with quirky writing prompts for capturing your days, thoughts and memories in style.

Na Pali Pure — A newly launched skincare line with transformative and anti-aging powers derived from Hawaiian Red Algae found in ocean waters surrounding some of the most isolated islands on earth. The red ocean algae captures the power of a 3-billion year old ecosystem through proprietary cell-renewing ingredients which is formulated into an anti-aging serum and moisturizing creme, included in the Na Pali Pure Kit. Both products have been clinically proven to reduce facial wrinkles and density, while naturally firming and rejuvenating the skin.

Cultivate — A women-owned, premium wellness brand with fully safe and compliant hemp oil-infused, THC-free products. Their desire to bring the best hemp extract to their products comes from a greater understanding of seeing the process from start to finish. Their products include a Soothing Balm, SoftGels, two sizes of Tincture and a set of all the products which are infused with quality hemp extract — sourced from organic hemp and formulated through research, development, and working with experts in the industry.

Jimbo’s — A natural food store which has served the San Diego area for over 35 years with locations all over the county. They are committed to providing the highest quality and freshest organic and natural foods for their customers by supporting local farms and businesses, with 100% of their produce organically grown. Jimbo’s is committed to giving back to the community as well through being actively involved in schools, promoting environmental rights, and contributing to charities.

La Casa Del Zorro A premier resort and spa destination for visitors looking to escape and discover an intimate and relaxing travel spot. Adjacent to Southern California’s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, this is a classic desert retreat with breathtaking views of nature in Borrego Springs. With close proximity to San Diego and other major cities, La Casa del Zorro is the ultimate “getaway from the getaway” to explore an entirely new scenery close to home.

Swell Coffee — A San Diego specialty coffee roasting company that believes in single origin coffees from all over the world. They work with farms, farmers, importers and co-ops to find the most amazing coffees available. Founded by John Vallas in 2011 with two cafe locations in Mission Beach and Del Mar — Swell is passionate about roasting coffee to be experienced at its most flavorful potential.

No Limits for Deaf Children A nationwide nonprofit organization with over 23 years of empowering deaf children and families to dream big for their futures. No Limits was founded in 1996 by Michelle Christie, Ed.D. After she recognized the lack of opportunities for children with a hearing loss to improve their speaking abilities in a fun and non-academic setting, Dr. Christie designed an after-school theater program to help develop communication skills, expand vocabulary and grammar and understand character development called SILENT No More. Through role-playing, cultivating creativity, and developing public speaking skills — No Limits children began to confidently move into the hearing world.

LIGHT(Light-Induced Guided Healing Therapy) —  An evidence-based protocol and novel mind-body intervention designed to help build self-efficacy—an individual’s belief in his or her innate ability to achieve goals and enjoy other benefits such as improved mood, increased vitality and enhanced quality of life. LIGHT users are able to receive the benefits of relaxation, meditation and visualization all packaged as one with targeted application of these improvements to specific challenges across a broad range of physiological, psychological and spiritual areas of one’s life.

Orchids & Onions — An educational and fundraising program that brings San Diegans together to decide which parts of the built environment make our city a better place to live. Created by the San Diego Architectural Foundation, Orchids & Onions educates and promotes outstanding architecture, landscape, interior and urban design. The public is invited to nominate their favorite and least favorite projects, and then continue to vote on them in August until winners are picked in October.