October 10, 2019

We’re Global…Literally

By: Courtney Rose

At Olive, we’ve always said that our reach is global—because it really is. We’ve secured coverage in Canada, South America, Australia, Europe—the list goes on. But what’s even more exciting for the next Olive decade is the fact that we have physical Olive presences throughout the world! What can we say, we’re well-traveled. 😉 Sure, our headquarters are in America’s Finest City, but we have an office in Phoenix, Arizona; Olives that work remotely in the San Francisco Bay Area and Philly; and have clients on other continents—not just one, but two (take your guess on where, mate)!

One of the biggest misconceptions about our agency is that we’re a regional marketing agency. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our San Diego clients and working with the community, but we also love working and connecting with communities everywhere! Our work has taken us to Downtown Redwood City, Downtown San Leandro, Salt Lake City, Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, Twin Cities, Santa Clara, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Miami, New York and more! Yep, our footprint and reach are all over the U.S.!

Explore a few of the places we are and have been below:

Australia—Meet Goodman and Axel & Ash, our two clients that are headquartered Down Under! Although they might be in the same country, they couldn’t be more different—and we love having diverse clients on our portfolio. Goodman is a global owner, developer and manager of industrial property and business space that’s making an impact in communities around the globe. Axel & Ash is one of our newest consumer product clients and they are inspiring individuals to live out their dream story through beautifully, curated chic travel and mindful journals. They also have darling feather pens to pair for those free-spirited, wanderlust souls! Even though it might call for a late day for us and an early morning for them to connect, we love amplifying their stories from across the world.

Salt Lake City, Utah—One of our longest standing clients, PMD, is headquartered in Salt Lake City and we’ve been securing national coverage for them for 10 plus years—all from our office in San Diego. Nothing stops us from connecting with top-tier media outlets on the East Coast to get the coverage our clients deserve! One of the clients that we’ve grown with over the last four years, Bigsley Event House, is also based in Salt Lake City. We’ve supported them on multiple projects they produce—The Color Run, Electric Run and Pumpkin Nights—launching events and spreading their messages in more than 30 cities in the U.S.!

50+ Cities in Nation—As we’ve said before, our reach is massive! We not only do national and San Diego regional media relations campaigns, but we’ve done regional campaigns in more than 50 cities in the U.S.—and that’s just in the last four years! From launching products and events in select regions to doing on-going regional media and social media campaigns in specific cities, we have a strategy and process that works. We dive into the different communities to get the job done no matter where we’re doing the work from!

From the West Coast to the East Coast—One of the greatest things about being a PR, design and social media specialist is the ability to work remotely. Earlier this year we opened our second Olive branch in Phoenix and for the past four years we’ve had a traveling Olive working in both the San Francisco Bay Area and our San Diego office. Most recently, one of our Olives took flight to the East Coast to expand our physical footprint even more! #CantStopWontStop


We’re constantly making moves throughout the world and looking for clients that are just as passionate as we are. Are you ready to embark on a new adventure and want “Olive us” as your companion? We’re ready! If you’re up for the ride, email us at info@olivecreativestrategies.com.