January 24, 2019

What Does Illuminate Greatness Mean to You?

By Courtney Rose

It’s no secret that our tagline at Olive Creative Strategies is “Illuminate Greatness” and it’s for good reason. At Olive, it’s important for us to align with clients that are already doing something great and it’s our job to shine the light on them—illuminating all the positive things they are doing, their mission, their stories, their goals—literally everything! How do we do it? By securing top-tier media hits and leading powerful social media campaigns. Through the individual work that each of us has completed at Olive, we’ve had the opportunity to discover just what Illuminate Greatness means to us and as we approach Olive’s 10-year anniversary, there’s no better time to dig deep and share our personal connections than this New Year!

For Me—The Author of this Blog

Over the years illuminate greatness has meant multiple things to me—from sharing our clients amazing events around the country and defining multiple communities’ stories throughout California to securing life-changing media hits that impact our client’s lives beyond what any of us could imagine. The common meaning for me? To spread greatness and powerful stories that will leave an impact and inspire others.

Jaclyn—The Veteran

To me, illuminate greatness is the essence of public relations and social media. We get to share the most inspiring, humbling and amazing stories with the world through the work we do, and we all know this world can use a little more happiness in it. I’m proud to work at a company that strategically works with people, companies and organizations that are already doing something great and we just shine the spotlight on them—it makes our job so much easier and more fun! I have been lucky enough to work at Olive for over six years and I can’t imagine ever working somewhere that doesn’t live by these words.

Lauren—The Jersey Transplant

To me, illuminating greatness means bringing happy news to people’s lives through securing top-tier media coverage. It’s exciting to pitch and secure media that elevates our client’s great work—whether it’s an uplifting story, or a positive thing happening in the community! Illuminating greatness is more than shouting good news from the rooftops but creating connections to share those stories with the media and its readers.

Kara—The Consumer Product Chic Chick

To me, illuminate greatness means spotlighting the incredible accomplishments of others—whether it’d be a community, thought leader, product, or event. When we illuminate the wonderful things these organizations are doing, we spread the positivity and communicate their stories at the highest level. Our clients are achieving greatness, and we’re here to make sure everyone knows it!

Val—The Master Event Promoter

Illuminate greatness means highlighting brands that align with our core values and companies that have a common goal—to make a change. It means amplifying the voices of our clients who are already doing great things and spreading their powerful stories to the San Diego community and around the globe.

Rachel—The Social Maven

Illuminating greatness to me means shining a light on all the incredible things our clients are doing. It’s such a joy to work with brands and businesses that are really making a positive impact in the world and to help them take things to the next level. When they shine, we shine, and then, we all celebrate together!

Davia—The Creative Connector

To me, illuminate greatness means finding our clients authentic story and powerfully amplifying it to the world!

Cree—The Digital Master

Illuminating Greatness is sharing what our rockstar clients are doing and letting them shine. It’s a natural process that doesn’t require bragging or blasting it to the world, and it generates authentic and meaningful reactions and engagement.

Joel – The “MOLIVE”

Illuminate Greatness is more than an Olive company slogan, it is a personal goal for every member.  On a daily basis, it’s going beyond the norm and seeking to achieve more than average, more than sufficient and more than adequate. In the modern world we seek to shine as a beacon, demonstrating what should be expected from your PR agency. ‘Illuminate Greatness’ is the Olive way.

Maddie – The Social Butterfly  

Illuminate Greatness means that every day I can share the amazing work our clients do for their communities. At Olive, illuminating greatness is ingrained in everything we write, say and do. We align ourselves with individuals, organizations and businesses that make a positive impact and share this on a local, national and even international landscape. “Illuminate greatness” means that I’m proud to use my communication skills to showcase how our clients make a meaningful change.


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