February 25, 2019

What the Olives are Listening To Right Now

By Davia Sobelman

The right music can make all the difference in the world. Your favorite artist can pick you up after a long day, while an old school playlist can spontaneously spark a dance party. Although classical music is ideal for focusing, a little upbeat pop sensation power hour might do the trick to lift your spirits when you need it most. There’s always an artist to be discovered, which means there are endless songs that will match the mood you’re looking for. Whether it’s tunes to beat the Monday blues or a party playlist on Friday, the Olives have their go-to music selections that instantly have us smiling all day long!

Courtney:  Pop music—I like something lively and vibrant to keep me motivated throughout the day. Or old school Disney tunes to just escape reality and live in a magical fantasy for a bit!

Jaclyn: I love anything alternative – I like how some songs can be calmer and more instrumental but others can be more upbeat. It’s one of the only genres of music that I can listen to without it distracting me.

Cree: Anything EDM! Odesza’s Pandora station is my go-to playlist for sure. Sometimes I like to listen to the Early 2000’s playlist for some #TBT.

Maddie: I’ve really been into listening to the Alicia Keys station or the Alicia Keys Essentials playlist. Some R & B always gets me relaxed and focused to do some work!

Kara: I am most productive when we’re blasting 2000’s pop in the office— can’t go wrong with a little Mandy Moore or Backstreet Boys!

Lauren: I personally need the holy trinity: Beyoncé, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj to power through the work day. Listen to the queens, work like a queen.

Joel: Jack Johnson for a mellow and steady vibe! When there is a time crunch I like to listen to Native American Flute and Travel music, which helps me to get deep into my work with little distraction.

Val: Easily Tom Misch, Frank Ocean and Anderson Paak. They’re relaxing, make me concentrate and feel like I’m doing work in my favorite cafe!

Davia: It’s always changing! Right now, I’ve been listening to NPR’s Tiny Desks audio series which has a mix of new artists and my all-time favorites!

Have you listened to a new artist or playlist that you would like to share? Shoot us a quick message to info@olivecreativestrategies.com or connect with us on social media!