December 24, 2015

What’s Trending: Miami Art Week

By: Jaclyn Acree

The first week of December in Miami is dedicated to one thing and one thing only—art! And lots of it. If you walk around anywhere in Downtown, Wynwood, South Beach or Miami Beach you will see giant white tents that are filled with stunning artwork and have been built specifically for this one week. The most well-known show that happens during this time is Art Basel, which takes place in the Miami Convention Center. Other fairs are popping up all around this city including Spectrum Miami (an Olive PR Solutions client), Art Miami, Untitled, Scope and many more.

From a PR professional’s point-of-view, the concept of dedicating a whole week to art in such a culturally rich city is genius. It not only brings thousands of people to Miami, which helps with the economy, but it provides a crazy amount of PR for the city, the shows and the artists. It all started with one show and slowly more and more began to have a presence—and Miami Art Week is born. The city feels like a giant party given the abundance of special events, fashion shows, performances, and after parties—there is always something to do. Miami Art Week also brings out the celebrities—we spotted Owen Wilson and many others wherever we went.

When we were first hired to do the PR for Spectrum Miami, I had no idea what it would be like because I knew so much was happening during that week that we had to figure out a way to break through all of the clutter and make sure Spectrum was included in all the coverage that was going to be happening due to the prestige of this week. The results were out of control. Not only did every outlet in Miami cover Spectrum, but national and international art, fashion and travel publications got in on the action, too.

It was an absolute whirlwind of a trip and in my professional opinion a real testimony to #IlluminatingGreatness for everyone involved.