June 18, 2019

Why Company Culture Matters

By Davia Sobelman

Work hard, play hard – right? That’s the motto being adopted by companies nationwide and it’s no different here at Olive. The lucrative term shines light on the importance of fostering strong relationships with your colleagues and how a powerful company culture boosts employee happiness. In the world of public relations, the hustle and bustle can often be exhausting.

That’s why we’re always searching for ways to boost our company morale, whether it be yoga Tuesdays or half-day Fridays, work/life balance is key at Olive!

A huge part of a strong company culture is the environment that you surround yourself in. It’s one of the most powerful ways to define company culture and will open the door to a cohesive work environment. At Olive, the second I walk into the office, the cozy couch and local art makes me feel instantly comfortable. The bright, beautiful open concept makes it easy to communicate with my colleagues, collaborate and have spontaneous dance parties (who doesn’t love that?).

An added bonus is the ‘it’s time to illuminate greatness’ mural – which relentlessly sparks my passion for our clients.

If you’re keeping up with Olive you know that champagne toasts are an Olive staple. The bubbly toasts around the kitchen island seriously add so much life to a dull day. Whether we’re celebrating a birthday, Olive anniversary or just applauding someone’s hard work, it’s important to cherish these wins and milestones. One big shout out we just gave was to Kara, who secured New York desksides with Vogue – can you even? It’s a simple gesture but since your coworkers see firsthand how hard you’ve worked for something; these shout outs go a long way!

As silly as it sounds, happy hours are an easy way to connect with your coworkers! We try to support local spots and of course, our clients. We recently visited The Patio Group’s new Rock n’ Roll themed eatery in East Village, Himmelberg’s. From unbeatable drink specials to delicious loaded tots, we were able to unwind and relax after a long work day! Other team outings that we attend revolve around our client events. Since Olive specializes in neighborhoods, we frequent community-based events pretty often.

Our company-wide weekly meetings are always the perfect opportunity to touch base with everyone.

We typically take the hour-long refresher to discuss new updates, celebrations, business prospects, etc. But we also incorporate small group exercises that allow us to share our goals for the week, what big things we’re working on and more! Recently we sat down to discuss what works versus what doesn’t. Since Olive is an open, ever-evolving agency, our opinions are heard and welcomed.

To learn more about Olive’s company culture or if you think you’re a cultural fit, shoot us an email at info@olivecreativestrategies.com and let us know why!