November 7, 2019

Why the Olives Believe in Transparency

By Jaclyn Walian

At Olive, we have a process that we call “The Olive Way.” Following this process allows us to achieve similar results for clients across the board. It’s a tried-and-true process, and when we follow it, magic happens!

A big part of “The Olive Way,” and one of our main values as a company is transparency. We believe that our clients, media contacts, vendors and everyone we work with deserve to know the truth and be informed about everything we are working on. We have learned throughout the years that being honest and transparent will get you a lot farther and cultivate better relationships.

For our clients, our philosophy is that we are doing the work so there is no reason not to share it all.* We provide weekly status reports that outline all our projects, tasks, pitches and media opportunities – we want you to know it all! We don’t hide behind impression numbers, but instead look to see how media results actually affect your bottom line. We won’t pretend a campaign is successful but instead be the first to call it out if it’s not working and create ideas and solutions to get it on track. If we receive negative feedback from an editor, we will still share it and provide recommendations on how to improve.

We see ourselves as part of your internal team and the only way for you to trust us is if you know and understand what we are doing on your behalf. Are you ready to experience “The Olive Way?” Get in touch with as at

*In being transparent, there is one thing we cannot share with clients and that is media contact information as that is proprietary. But the good thing is, if we are doing our job (which we always are) clients don’t need the media contact information as we will always have it handled. 😊