May 23, 2018

Why We Love Writing, and You Should Too!

By Cassie Kaawaloa

It’s no secret, the Olives are always writing away! In fact, if you ask us what our favorite part of our job is, if it isn’t our clients themselves, it’s probably the ability to write and tell stories each and every day. As master communicators, we have to be strong writers to effectively spread our clients’ message in a way that illuminates their greatness to all audiences that they’re aiming to reach.

The power behind great writing skills sees no limits; we love it and here’s why you should too:

Effective communication

When it comes to public relations and social media, everything you write must be done in a proficient, comprehensive and informative way. If your message isn’t written strategically for your reader, it’ll get lost or worse — be misinterpreted. We write strategically for the audience we’re trying to reach and the medium we’re using to do it, whether it’s a press release, a pitch, a social media post or even a blog post. When writing for your website or social media, communicating your messaging effectively is imperative to creating a strong online presence. Doing so allows potential partners, stakeholders and customers to discover your company and learn about your mission. 


How you come across in your writing and how you communicate with others is crucial to your credibility. Whether it’s internally within your office or a public-facing piece of writing, strong communication and impeccable grammar and punctuation tells your reader that you’re reliable, intelligent and pay close attention to detail. Great writing translates to good persuasion skills, in that you’re communicating important and trustworthy information to your readers that grabs their attention, relaying information in a way that benefits them and leaves a lasting impression.

Personal Expression & Growth

Beyond professional and business reasons, practicing good writing skills does wonders for the self. As described in an article from Fast Company, studies show that benefits of journaling include increasing your intelligence, helping you better handle stress, and even strengthening your immune cells. Writing for our own expression and creativity can be a fun and often therapeutic hobby. As our client, the Chopra Center Spa suggests, those that struggle with stress, depression or anxiety might keep a journal, allowing them to gain control of their emotions and improve their mental health. Making writing a regular part of your life can improve your overall writing skills, because as the old adage states, practice makes perfect.

At Olive, writing is a huge part of our job – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Are you ready to strategically communicate your story? Email us at; we can’t wait to hear it!