November 14, 2019

Why You Need “All the Things” in Your Marketing Plan

You wouldn’t bake a cake without flour or build a house without concrete, so why would you create a marketing plan that doesn’t include a healthy mix of channels and disciplines to make it successful?

On average, a consumer needs to see an offer seven times before they make a purchase. SEVEN TIMES! This is why an integrated marketing approach is critical to the success of any campaign. Using an integrated approach enforces your message to the same audience across multiple channels, over and over and over again.

Incorporating killer content, captivating email campaigns, engaging social media posts, targeted ads and a compelling PR campaign can go a long way for a business. When your online and offline marketing channels work together in harmony, it creates a seamless consumer experience.

Users are delighted by the billboard they see driving down the road that coincides with the social media post on their phone and the article they read from their favorite news site.

Another benefit of creating a cohesive, integrated marketing campaign is the ability to leverage content on different channels and benefit different disciplines. At Olive, we consistently leverage our clients’ PR campaigns and media coverage on social media.

This helps drive traffic to the publication and puts the story directly in front of the client’s existing community. And vice-versa, we leverage social media to get our story in front of key media contacts and influencers.


The next time you go to launch a new product or creative campaign, make sure you have “all the things.” If you’re looking for a partner to help you create an integrated marketing campaign, contact us today at