January 7, 2020

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working Like It Used To

By Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

“Why isn’t it working?”

This is a line I both dread and hear a lot lately. Even though I expect it, my heart pounds uncontrollably every time it slips through someone’s lips.

Here’s the truth… thanks to technology, social media, social influencers, infinite bloggers, and random websites, it’s just harder. We can get information from literally everywhere and now everything is sliced and diced in a million different pieces. There is a diminishing trust with consumers and everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off (I hate that saying) – let’s try kittens running wild.

Regardless, it’s a real challenge. Traditional media hits are not working like they used to. Social influencer posts aren’t working like they used to. Online media hits aren’t working like they used to. Advertising doesn’t work like it used to. NONE OF IT WORKS LIKE IT USED TO!

So, not all is lost. There are things that work and we are seeing them every day with our clients.

What works is storytelling in an authentic way. Being great and building relationships on that greatness.

Maybe it’s time to finally draft that brand story you have been meaning to get around to, but got product-focused. At Olive, we are finding that founders’ stories stick and convert readers to customers.

Campaigns that are based on authentic values work. Gone are the days of selling anything to anyone. You must find those who align with your values and the best way to do that is by demonstrating your values through action and building a media relations, social media and marketing campaign around that.

Believe it or not, physical events are working again. You want to engage and interact. Turns out us humans like connection – real life, put your hand on it and feel it connection.

Partnerships are critical – the kind based on aligned values and momentum. The kind where everyone wins – everyone.

In short, you cannot depend on a basic media relations campaign to make things happen for your business; you need to take it a step further and build an authentic foundation that starts at the roots – the roots of who you are as a brand. The roots of what you truly care about. The roots of your why.

If you don’t have roots, you just won’t be strong enough to withstand this new climate.