July 26, 2018

Digital Advertising vs Media Relations

Clients often share with us that when considering an overall marketing strategy, they feel like they need to decide between digital advertising and media relations. We advise that it is not either/or but a well-choreographed blend of both.

Our approach to helping our clients meet their marketing objectives is at the intersection of traditional PR, great storytelling, social media, digital advertising, authentic experiences and SEO.

An example of this type of approach includes using social media and informative blogs to invite dialog and create a deeper connection with customers and prospects, monitoring forums and chat rooms to engage people who are discussing our client’s products, and coordinating paid marketing spend with earned media pitches for social campaigns. Press releases become content that can be transformed into many assets like a blog, thought leadership campaigns, social media short stories and email-targeted newsletters. Pair that with participating in campaign activations with collaborative marketing partners to broaden your audience and capture content and video for social media, and finally optimizing media opportunities by connecting your company to timely events or something impacting the broader community.

The end goal is engagement from a vast audience to include buyers, influencers, and media. So we work to match the delivery method, content type, tone and message to that audience.

Some people feel that they will be able to measure ROI with digital advertising better, but click-through alone does not accurately measure strong brand impression and long-term engagement. With our cohesive approach that incorporates both digital advertising and media relations, you can measure concrete aspects like engagement, social amplification and traffic sources that allow us to determine which press releases and articles are driving visits to your websites or ticketing sites. Also, a pure digital spend approach does not help boost your site rankings. Google rewards those that are providing strong content and organic social engagement.

From our experience, the most successful marketing campaigns include a thoughtfully integrated blend of both digital advertising, social media and traditional media relations. If you’re ready to kick off this dynamic mix, email us at info@olivecreativestrategies.com!